MotoGP Grand Prix Hollandia

Jegyértékesítés vége: 2023.06.16, 03:00

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Camping jegy: max 2 főre szól, kisméretű sátorral és max 2 motorral. Autóval, lakókocsival, lakóautóval nem lehet behajtani.


The tension is clearly visible on the faces of the riders as they wait in the starting blocks, as is the tremendous release as the bikes pass the black and white flag. Nowhere is the Grand Prix experience greater than at the start and finish line. You can witness this live at close range, as the comfortable restaurant with private roof terrace offers a spectacular view. Share the excitement and joy of the riders, teams, guests and hundred thousand fanatic visitors from the beating heart of the circuit.

Book the exclusive Legends Club package!

"enjoy the race and the networking from start to finish"

You and your guests will not only enjoy high speeds and spectacular overtaking manoeuvres, as attending a race has much more to offer. By giving business relations and fellow entrepreneurs such a unique and unforgettable demonstration of your hospitality, you can win the competitive battle with your rivals. This is the ideal way to combine business with pleasure.

As the riders wait for the starting sign, you and your guests can closely follow the hectic activity at the starting grid. The action unfolds right before your eyes. You have exclusive access to a large roof terrace with a view of the start and finish line, the grandstand, the infamous Geert Timmer bend and the paddock. With the Legends Club you can give your business relations and fellow entrepreneurs the best possible gift and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Whether you come alone or with a large group, anything is possible!


+  VIP parking ticket. 
+  Shuttles to bring you from the VIP Parking to the Legends Club. 
+  Exclusive catering (breakfast/lunch, other food and drinks). 
+  Paddock Tour with exclusive access to the world of the riders and teams. 
+ Pit Lane Walk: a unique opportunity to see the teams from close up. 
+ TV screens in and around the Legends Club with live racing action, times and preliminary results. 


While the drivers open the throttle, you'll have a breathtaking view overlooking the first bend of the TT Circuit Assen. From the trendy Haarbocht Lounge, structured specially for you atop the new Haarbocht stand, you won't miss a thing! You'll see the drivers come from the Start/ Finish at top speed and follow them over the entire North loop. With the Haarbocht Lounge, you can offer your guests or contacts the greatest gift. 

Book the exclusive Haarbocht Lounge package!

"Haarbocht Lounge: enjoyment from a great height!!"

The Haarbocht Lounge floats above the Haarbocht stand at a height of 15 metres. You will stay in a trendy, tasteful area with private catering and a private bar. And you will have your own unique, roofed chair right under the Haarbocht Lounge! With your VIP pass, you can move freely between the Haarbocht Lounge and your seat on the stand.

Enjoy excellent service all day long, in a unique location!

Whether you're alone or with a large group, anything is possible.


+  Parking at the motorcycle parking lot or at the TT Hall (for cars). 
+  Exclusive access to the lounge with a view of the start and finish, the Haarbocht and the North Loop. Everything happens right under your eyes. 
+ A reserved, roofed seat on the Haarbocht stand. 
+ Private catering (light breakfast, lunch and appetizers) and private bar (starting at 11:30am).